The eLearning team provides full training and support services. Services cover Canvas, Zoom, Kaltura and other academic technologies in all aspects of course and program development. Faculty can request one-on-one or group/departmental training sessions where an instructional technologist will provide customized assistance. Trainings can take place at the client’s campus location, the eLearning office, or virtually via a web conferencing tool.

Request Training Services

Virtual Training

Schedule a one-on-one virtual training with one of our eLearning instructional technologists. These trainings take place virtually via a video conference software such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

In-Person Training

Schedule a one-on-one training face to face with one of our eLearning instructional technologists. Trainings are available at our eLearning office or at your campus location.

Group/Departmental Training

Schedule a training/workshop for your group or department. We are glad to customize any of our workshops to meet your needs.

Customized Guides/Tutorials

Request one of our instructional technologist to create a customized guide and/or video tutorial regarding one of our supported academic technologies.


Users who have a question about one of our academic technologies or still need assistance after contacting the technology's technical support can reach out to eLearning via our Ask eLearning Support form.


Examples of Training Offered through UAB eLearning

  • Using Zoom video conferencing software for virtual classroom, office hours, and more
  • What can Canvas do? (Modules, SpeedGrader, Rubrics, Assignments, Group Activities, etc.)
  • Setting up Canvas Gradebook, grading schemes, weighted assignments, and publishing grades
  • Using Kaltura Media Space to record, store, and share videos in Canvas
  • Using GoReact for video peer review, presentation evaluation, and feedback
  • Using any other academic tools such as iClicker, Turnitin, Respondus Quiz engine and LockDown Browser, Poll Everywhere, and more

  • The eLearning office is very easy to work with! I can easily request and schedule one-on-one sessions and choose the location that is most convenient for me (my office, virtually, or their office). They answer my questions timely and have assisted me with a variety of projects, such as learning to use Canvas, developing online courses, and implementing new software. They are an amazing resource!

    Heather A. Bruns, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor Department of Microbiology
  • Developing resources for student use online isn't a trivial affair. In fact, the devil is in the details that even Dr. Google has a hard time answering. The super staff at eLearning spent weeks this past year helping me to understand and create LTI assignment documents (Word) in Canvas that students would fill in for credit. No more upload/download/emailing of files as these functions are automatic through Office 365. Thanks a bunch, eLearning.

    Scott Brande, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor Department of Chemistry

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