Instructors must have an account with UAB eLearning (academic) in order to use the Zoom tab in Canvas. If you have never created an account, you can click here, type in your BlazerID and your account will automatically be created. 

If you already have a free Zoom account (limited to 40 minute meetings) or an account with UA system and desire to use the Zoom tab in Canvas, follow the instructions below to switch to new account.

How to Switch to UAB eLearning Zoom Account

1. Go to

2. Type in your BlazerID and Password if prompted.

3. If asked, click "Switch to the New Account" option.

4. Click the "Confirm your email address" button when prompted.

5. An email will be sent to your UAB email address from no-reply@ (It may take a few minutes.)

6. Click the "Switch to the new account button" found in the email.

7. Click the "I Acknowledge and Switch" button, when prompted.

8. Your account is now under UAB eLearning and can be used in Canvas. Reattempt to access the Zoom tab in Canvas.

For more information on using Zoom in Cavas, check out our instructor and student guides.

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